Lola Tillyaeva’s environmental project uses art to raise awareness about water scarcity

Lola Tillyaeva’s environmental project uses art to raise awareness about water scarcity

Lola Tillyaeva is deeply committed to the environment and taking action against climate change, especially the issue of water scarcity globally. In 2017, Lola and her husband, businessman Timur Tillyaev launched The Droplet to raise awareness about the growing seriousness of this issue. To ensure their message was able to cut through in a world dominated by the 24-hour media cycle they harnessed the power of art. As Lola explained:

“Art has an incredible capacity to inspire, encourage and unite people around a cause, due to its ability to touch the human soul. That is why we harness the power of art as a means to raise public awareness of issues relating to global warming and climate change.

A free-standing art installation of gleaming polished aluminum tubing, The Droplet turns heads wherever it goes. The brainchild of artist Marcos Lutyens and fabricator Scott Froschauer from the Institute for Art and Olfaction, it stands at an impressive twelve meters and is six meters in circumference at the base. Forming a stylized droplet of water, the installation is designed to shroud itself in a fine vapor mist – creating “a unique multisensory art installation.” At every stop, The Droplet generates debate and inspires action. Lola Tillyaeva hoped that “by engaging the participants through sound, smell and touch as well as visually, The Droplet paves the way for discussions on water conservation and management.”

Lola’s affinity with water is also reflected in herer maison de parfum, The Harmonist. The perfume brand is built around the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui and its goal of harmonizing the energy of the Earth’s five elements. The Harmonist’s business practices also exemplifies Lola’s commitment to protecting our planet. To minimise the brand’s carbon footprint, Lola decided to use, “recyclable materials at every possible touchpoint, from perfume bottles and deluxe packaging to the vegetal wax candles.”

To reduce the consumption of materials associated with packaging Lola makes refills available for every product in her range.

Water scarcity is also a priority for international organizations like the United Nations. The issue impacts every continent and the situation is worsening, with “some regions even reaching the limit at which water services can be sustainably delivered.”

It is also becoming a real flash point between nations and increasing the risk of armed conflict. ’Water conflicts’ are a growing challenge in international relations.

Launched at a glittering event in Paris, The Droplet has since toured several European cities, and the art installation has proven to be a great success. It is also an excellent example of how respect for the environment underpins every activity Lola and Timur undertake.